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Israel Voiceover Organization (IVO)

Israel Voiceover Organization (IVO)

About the IVO

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About the Israel Voiceover Organization

The IVO was founded in May 2013, in order to promote the voiceover profession in Israel, as well as to assist voice talents with challenges they encounter in the course of their work.

The IVO's forum on Facebook and its WhatsApp group are intended as a place where voice talents can consult with one another, ask for assistance with problems they have encountered, and even post voiceover jobs.

The IVO's charter is intended to be a repository of guidelines for voice talents and their clients, which can easily be accessed on the spot - even in the middle of a voiceover session - in order to resolve any differences of opinion as to what is and is not acceptable, professional, and ethical in voiceover.


The IVO Board of Directors

The founding board of directors is currently in the process of setting up the organization, building the website, creating a social media presence, promoting the organization, creating a membership procedure, and creating the IVO charter and other official documents. The documents will be created in a democratic manner, using the Facebook forum and polls to gather information, opinions, and feedback.

The founding board members are (listed in the order they joined):

  • Victoria Feinerman
  • Eli Cohen
  • Eyal Gelberg
  • Eyal Levin
  • Tehila Zohar
  • Yishay Raziel


Israel Voiceover Organization (IVO)

Israel Voiceover Organization (IVO)

Israel Voiceover Organization (IVO)