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Israel Voiceover Organization (IVO)

Israel Voiceover Organization (IVO)

Israel Voiceover Organization

voiceover in Israel


Welcome to the website of the Israel Voiceover Organization (IVO), a non-profit organization whose main goal is to promote voiceover in Israel as a prestigious and cutting-edge profession.


The IVO's Goals

  • Promote voiceover as a prestigious and cutting-edge profession
    Customers are sometimes unaware that voiceover requires an extensive skill set, as well as years of training. A product's quality and effectiveness is highly dependent on the professional voiceover used in the product, and the voice talent therefore deserves to be compensated accordingly.
  • Provide guidelines for clients when hiring voice talents
    The IVO will establish clear guidelines for the scheduling and pricing of voiceovers per recording session or project. For example, a session commences at the scheduled time and will be charged from that time, regardless of whether the customer arrives late. See Guidelines for Working with Voice Talents.
  • Provide ethical guidelines for voice talents
    In order to ensure that voiceover remains a prestigious profession, voice talents should act ethically. For example, voice talents should commit only to deadlines they can meet. See Ethical Guidelines for Voice Talents.
  • Assist voice talents in acquiring knowledge and enhancing their abilities
    The IVO will assist members in acquiring skills via professional workshops, for example workshops on using one's voice, preserving one's voice, and more.
  • Publish information on voiceover rates
    The IVO will provide beginnning voice talents with information on different pricing methods, general price ranges for different types of voiceover, and more. See Voiceover Pricing and Voiceover Rates for Beginners.


Join the IVO

At present, you can join the IVO by sending us an email. In the future, there will be nominal membership fees.

It is also recommended to join the IVO forum on Facebook, where you can consult with other voice talents, post voiceover jobs, ask for assistance with problems, participate in polls, and make your voice heard.



The IVO is an affiliate of the World Voices Organization.

World Voices Organization

Israel Voiceover Organization (IVO)

Israel Voiceover Organization (IVO)

Israel Voiceover Organization (IVO)